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Kiambu Biashara Fund Disbursement at Kamerethu Polytechnic

Kiambu Biashara fund is one of the most renowned projects from the department of youth affairs, sports and communication that has benefited thousands of youths, women and persons with disability.

This project that was the flagship project by Kiambu County governor H.E William Kabogo as a means to empower the residents of Kiambu County who have an intention of starting a small scale business enterprise or want to grow their continuing businesses further.

biashara fund event

The department through the leadership of the minister of youth affairs sports and communication Hon. Mashel Waikendahas so far disbursed Ksh. 120 Million to the residents of Kiambu County a figure which keeps on rising every day.

Kiambu Governor H.E William Kabogo while peaking at Kamerethu Youth Polytechnic on the 24th of March, this year, where he presided over issuing certificates to 72 individuals and 35 groups, who are among the successful Kiambu Biashara Fund applicants who received a total of Ksh. 12.5 Million, to keep of vises that may lead them astray thus hindering them from successfully utilizing the money as initially expected.

biashara fund beneficiary

"It is a high time that youths from this county (Kiambu County) stop misusing drugs and outlawed local brews and focus their energy to positive development like using the money to start their own businesses and not having to wait to be employed by someone." Said H.E Kabogo.

Also he urged the speaker of Kiambu County Assembly Hon. Gathii Irungu who was also present in the event to push for the increase of the funds to Ksh. 300 Million every year sothat in five year the county would have a revolving fund amounting to Ksh. 1.5 billion, so as to benefit all the youths, women and persons living with disability in Kiambu County.

"We know that the money allocated to Biashara Fund is insufficient, and I am thankful that the speaker and the deputy speaker are here, so we urge them to increase the amount to Ksh. 300 Million this year and in every year they be adding Ksh. 300 Million, after five years we shall have a fund of over 1.5 Billion." He said.

This idea was also emphasized by the minister of youth affairs, sports and communication Hon. Machel Waikenda where he said that Ksh. 120 Million has already been given to both groups and individuals, and about 95 percent of the beneficiaries are already servicing the loan and thus a reason for the need to increase the fund.

biashara fund success

He also asked the youths who have not applied for the fund to do so as forms can be picked from any sub-county offices, ward administrators and ward managers. Alternatively he said, the forms can be downloaded from Kiambu website or by following this link: Investment Opportonuties

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