Kiambu County Integrated Development Plan 2013-17


The Kiambu County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2013-17 KIAMBU CIDP is out. 

Here are some key highlights:

1. The adoption of this CIDP marks a significant step forward in the overall planning and development of the County. The plan sets out a standard and comprehensive approach to county planning and is meant to provide guidance in service delivery.

2. This CIDP seeks to create and transform systems, structures and institutions within the County based on five key pillars of security, employment, education, health and urban planning that will light the way towards the birth and rise of Kiambu County. They will further inform all of the County’s plans and policies as we plan for immediate gains and long-term success.

3. This CIDP also paves the way for transparent ways of creating an effective performance framework based on strategy and output. It lays the foundation for developing a performance monitoring system replete with indicators, targets and timeframes, which will create an environment for effective management and a high level of service delivery.

So far the Kiambu CIDP  has reached over 150,000 people in an extensive public participation process. Participants in our public consultative meetings included members of the public, professionals, private sector organizations, Juakali sector, church organizations and county leaders.

According to H.E  Governor William Kabogo, this five-year plan is a work in progress. Its refinement calls for the concerted effort and further participation of Kiambu citizens. The CIDP is the first step towards planning the realization of the county’s vision of being the best County to grow, live and work.

To access the complete CIDP document click on this link: KIAMBU CIDP.


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  1. Joe Kimachia says:

    Kindly update your site. Links to the County budget and KCIDP are broken. The link on the one you posted on your facebook takes one to scribd- a site where one has to pay using a credit card to access the document. I don’t use a card on the internet and most importantly this document was posted so we can go through it. Public documents cannot be for sale. Please do something. Thanks.

    • Lango says:

      Have also tried this link several time but cant access it. I was hoping its the document that will give me idea of the vision and mission of Kiambu County Government as the site doesn’t state anywhere what their vision and mission are. Why don’t you include Vision and Mission in your ‘About us’ link, it will really help academicians like myself who studying the various missions and visions of county governments

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