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kenya kiambu county governor hon william kabogoHis Excellency William Kabogo was born in 1961 in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

He sat for his Primary School Certificate in St. George’s and later joined Thika Technical High School for his secondary and tertiary education, where he obtained a Diploma in Electronics. He later proceeded to Panjab University, India for a Bachelor of Commerce; which he completed in 1982.

Following his return to Kenya, he got employed as an auditor at the Auditor General’s office in the early 80’s. Working as an accountant for an international NGO, of which he later became its chief executive; a feat credited to his hard work. He decided to relocate to Mombasa to venture in diverse business endeavours, by and large investing in the transport, real estate and clearing and forwarding businesses.

In 2002, Kabogo joined politics as a young man and won the Juja parliamentary seat. Since, he has been known to have initiated numerous development projects, including provision of tapped water, installation of electricity, and road construction works as well as, proper management of the bursary fund, construction of health centers and schools. In 2007, he defended his position for the Juja Parliamentary seat, which he controversially lost to George Thuo in a disputed election. In April 2010, he won a rigorous court battle brought about by his filing a petition to the High Court against George Thuo and that led to annulment of the latter’s election results.

Click here for Governor Kabogo's 2013-2017 manifesto

Click here for Governor Kabogo's 2017-2022 manifesto

Political & Personal Achievements

He got re-elected to Parliament after a by-election held on 21st September 2010. To date, William Kabogo is highly rated among the Members of 10th Parliament for being one of the most inquisitive and one who sought ministerial statements at the behest of his constituents.

One of his most notable contributions was his agitation for repatriation of his constituents who had been subjected to slavery in Saudi Arabia and underwent torture in the hands of their masters. Another one was the repatriation of orphaned children. Their mother had died and they had been left abandoned in the streets of Maputo, Mozambique. Still not having depleted the pot of his practical munificence, he has aided in educating over 100 children via personal funds into secondary schools and universities.

The management of Juja Constituency Development Fund was recently ranked 5th in the country. This being aptly utilized has led to:

  1. the emergence of new health centers,
  2. construction of new classrooms,
  3. drilling of multiple boreholes that serve the locals,
  4. supply of electricity through the 'Umeme Pamoja Schemes',
  5. construction of modern Administration Police houses,
  6. boda boda and Jua kali shades,
  7. construction of county drainage systems,
  8. establishment of fish ponds and
  9. ensuring every civic ward has a new primary and secondary school fitted with modern sanitation facilities.

H.E. William Kabogo is the Governor of Kiambu County and his five year county agenda will be to tackle the county’s main problems of insecurity, youth unemployment, drug abuse and alcoholism. Issues that are all associated with education, health and urban planning.

To stay updated with the Governor of Kiambu, feel free to follow him on his personal Facebook and Twitter pages.

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