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She schooled at Kagera Primary School in Gatundu in 1970, and then preceded to Loreto Secondary School Kiambu, finishing her A levels at Loreto High School Limuru. In addition to this, she holds a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and at present is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Administration), at Kenyatta University.

Being a local of Kiambu from birth, she understands the diversity within the County very well, having attended school as well as worked within the County for twenty five years.

She has served in Administration and Management position as a Secondary School Principal for a period of twenty two years, also served in the Thika West District Education Board. During her tenure as Principal, Mrs. Kamau guided the school to attain an all-time record enrolment of 720 students up from 80, when she took over with a staff complement of 70 and an annual budget of over Shs.32 million. Under- her stewardship, the school became a force to ‘reckon with in all student activities at the district, provincial and national levels. Their champion status was particularly notable in drama.

Lucy’s headship of Trikha Girls Secondary School came to an end in December 2009, when the Board of Directors of the School, voluntarily decided to close the school business and try a different venture with the school premises. True to her character as a competent manager, Mrs. Kaman supervised the closure of the business to the entire satisfaction of all stakeholders.

With such a great background; she has offered herself to serve as a Member of the County Public Service Board.

Her wish is to be part of the team that will enable the Kiambu County Government achieve its objectives.

University of Nairobi

County Public Service Board Meeting – 29th July 2013

University of Nairobi

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