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To be the leading County in the enviromental management and provision of water and sanitation services in Kenya.


To provide a healthy and conducive environment for Kiambu County residents through provision of safe and adequate water, clean towns and improved forest cover.

Mandate of the Department

Directorate of Water and Sanitation

The Directorate is charged with management of policies relating to water and sewerage services and waste water treatment and disposal. It is further mandated to undertake conservation, control and protection of water catchment areas, water quality and pollution control, flood control and land reclamation. The sub-sector is also mandated with management of public water schemes and community water projects.

  1. Planning, Construction/supervision and maintenance of water supply projects
  2. Planning, Construction/supervision and maintenance of sewerage projects
  3. Supervision of other players in the water sector within our mandate
  4. Construction of water facilities eg intake works, dams, pipeline infrastructure, treatment works and water storage facilities
  5. Protection from encroachment
  6. Formulation of water and sanitation policy

 Directorate of Environment

The mandate of Environment Directorate includes management of policies relating to Environment, Solid Waste Management, Issuance of Noise License and Demolition permits, Licenses for refuse transportation, Environmental protection, and awareness campaigns

Directorate of Natural Resources is responsible for:

The mandate of Natural Resources Sub-Sector includes management of policies relating to county forestry and other natural resources. In addition the sector is in charge of restoration of wetlands, conservation and protection and provision of county forestry services (development of forest, re-afforestation and agro-forestry). In addition, the mandate comprises of protection and regulation of marine ecosystems, meteorological services and training, county environment management, restoration of strategic county water towers and coordination of climate change enabling activities.

The Directorate is mandated to conduct mineral exploration, undertake inventory and mapping of mineral resources, develop mining policy and management; develop and formulate legal and policy framework guiding extractive industry, quarrying and mining of rocks, and industrial minerals (such as Carbon dioxide, Building stones, Diatomite etc). The sub-sector is also mandated to maintain geological data; ensure management of health and safety in mines, facilitate mining and minerals development and carry out resource surveys as well as remote sensing applications. To achieve the above mandates the subsector is preparing to establish Mineral Audit Unit that will conduct research on mineral valuation; and undertake geophysical survey to reveal areas of potential mineralization.

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