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Heads of Department


CEC: John Gathigi Mugwe

Other officials to be updated.


A national leader in infrastructural development, maintenance and provision of technical services


To provide, maintain and regulate quality infrastructure technical services in Kiambu County

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Focus

 Mandate of the Department

The Roads, Transport, Public Works and Utilities Department consist of three (3) directorates.The mandate of the department is to cordinate and action growth on the areas of Roads, Transport, Public Works and Utility services. The specific functions are developed from Schedule four part two of the constitution and are stipulated below:

Directorate of Roads and Transport

  1. Planning, design, Construction/supervision and maintenance of County  rural access roads
  2. Planning,design,Construction/supervision and maintenance of County main link roads
  3. Planning,design,Construction/supervision and maintenance of County urban roads.
  4. Planning,design,Construction and maintenance of storm water drains, bridges, footpaths, car parks and bus parks
  5. Formulation and enforcement of County road policy
  6. County Public Transport
  7. Decongestion of County roads and urban areas
  8. Promotion of road safety
  9. Licensing of County drivers and vehicles
  10. Enforcement of Traffic Act and County Transport policies
  11. County fleet management

Directorate of Public Works

  1. County Public Works policy development and enforcement
  2. Maintenance of inventory of County government property
  3. Design, construction & maintenance of County public buildings and infrastructure
  4. Technical support to County Departments relating to all County Public Works

Directorate of Utility Services

  1. Fire prevention and prevention
  2. Rescue and recovery
  3. Training on fire prevention and disaster management
  4. Formulation of policy Fire prevention and disaster management
  5. Planning, design and implementation of Street lighting and flood lighting
  6. Maintenance of County electrical installations and power plants
  7. Promotion of Renewable energy
  8. Rural electrification
  9. Formulation and enforcement of County energy policy
  10. Energy auditing



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