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Co-operative Societies

The co-operative movement in the county is well established with societies covering several sectors. The county has 254 active co-operatives societies and 22 dormant ones. The total membership is 258,198 and the annual turnover is approximately KShs. 5,069,560,000. Types of co-operatives found in the county include dairy co-operatives, coffee co-operatives, transport SACCOs and housing SACCOs among others. The marketing co-operatives are engaged in production, processing and marketing of members‘ produce. The savings and credit co-operative societies give loans to members at affordable interest rates.

Non – Governmental Organizations

The county has about 38 Non Governmental Organisations that operate in the entire county. However there is greater concentration in Kiambu and Thika towns within Kiambaa and Juja constituencies. Majority of them, concentrate in the fight against HIV and AIDS, children welfare and women empowerment.

Self Help, Women and Youth Groups

The county boasts of having one of the biggest numbers of registered Community Based Organizations (CBO‘s). Though actual data is not available, they are estimated to be more than 10,000. The groups are engaged in a wide variety of activities which include: Micro-finance, HIV and AIDS, Drugs and substance abuse campaign, Environmental conservation, Training and advocacy and other income generating activities. The county has over 3,746 active women groups and 1,664 youth groups.

Through these groups, women and youths are able to access loans through the Women Enterprise Fund and Youth Enterprise Fund that assist them to engage in income generating activities. Over 467 youth groups have already benefited from the Fund, while a total of 1,193 women groups have benefited from the Women Enterprise Fund. The youths engage in activities such as Jua kali sector, Micro-Finance (Revolving Loan Fund), HIV and AIDS and drug abuse campaign and Home Based Care, Environmental conservation e.g. tree planting, training and advocacy, entertainment, drama and theatre and income generating activities.

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